The entire area of a large-surface thin section can be captured in one seamless photomicrograph using transmitted plane-polarized light (PPL) transmitted cross-polarized light (XPL), or reflected light (RFL).  Imaging of the thin section allows for the rapid and efficient inspection of all the features that make a specimen important to the end-user.

A photomosaic image is obtained by using a Zeiss high resolution zoom microscope with a motorized stage to step through the entire area of the thin section to capturing individual images slightly overlapped. The software stitches all the individual images together to make one large-surface image.

Image Analysis

Using the free download of Zeiss AxioVision LE, image features can be selected and measured precisely to pixel resolution scale. Data can be tabled and exported to a spreadsheet.  Image annotation and various measurement tools are available.

Mosaic Photomicrographs (Magnification options)

System Requirements

Digital images sometimes require a large amount of computer memory storage space. Images with several hundred MB, or even several GB, are not uncommon. The computer you use must have appropriate memory and hard disc space to effectively utilize large image data files.