Few techniques compare to the capabilities of SEM-EDS analysis for gathering data about the compositional and topographical characteristics of your samples. Elements from Beryllium to Uranium can be quantified and mapped, giving you a complete knowledge of the chemical nature of the sample. Nano features of surface topography of geologic or man-made materials can be imaged and measured precisely.

Zeiss EVO MA 10 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) equipped with:

  • Correlative microscopy (light and electron microscope image navigation)
  • Secondary electron (SE) detector for topography analysis
  • Backscatter electron detector (BSE) for compositional analysis
  • Variable pressure mode for non-conductive samples
  • Full measurement and annotation of SEM images

Bruker Quantax XFlash®6 | 60 EDS Detector:

  • Variable angle detector allows for large surface area elemental analysis by increasing working distance using a VZ (variable Z)-Adapter
  • 60 mm2 silicon drift detector (SDD) for low beam current
  • Energy resolution < 129 eV at Mn-K α

Analysis methods include:

  • Point, line, rectangle, ellipse, polygon analysis
  • Elemental mapping with pixel spectra quantification
  • Fast chemical, morphological, and spatial data acquisition
  • Comparative analysis using search and retrieval of similar spectra
  • Fully integrated particle analysis with chemical classification
  • Quantitative element mapping
  • Automatic phase analysis for geological samples

Accepted Samples
We accept many sample types including chips, billets, powders (epoxy mounted), thin sections, ore mounts, electronics and circuit boards testing (PCB), and any other solid material that will fit inside the SEM chamber. We do not accept liquids, biological samples, or any materials that might de-gas under a high vacuum (this is to protect our instrument from contamination).  We accept samples up to 100 mm tall, and 200 mm in diameter, weighing less than 0.5 kg. Please call our office if you have any questions concerning the acceptance of your sample.