Leica EM TIC 3X – Triple Ion Beam Mill

Precimat has the ability to make high-quality cross-sections and flat surface polishing (up to 1″ disc) of virtually of any geological material to expose the nanostructures of the samples with little deformation or damage using a Leica Ion Mill.

Leica Ion Mill

Leica Ion Mill

A Triple Ion Beam Milling System is used to produce cross sections or flat milling of porous, soft or hard, heat sensitive, heterogeneous, or brittle materials for SEM, and microstructure analysis.

Industries and Applications 
Oil and Gas Porosity Studies

  • Reservoir evaluation
  • Shale Frackability
  • Overburden investigations
  • Microfabrics

Mining and Metallurgy

  • Ore phase analysis and relationships
  • Orientation of secondary phases and precipitates.
  • Alloys and surface defects and contaminations
  • Mineralogy and morphology

Materials Research and Development

  • Quality Control textures and surface finish
  • Defect detection surface and composition
  • Microstructures and microtextures
  • Strain and deformation investigations
  • Synthetic compounds
  • Textiles